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For information about Belgium Beer Week 2024 please contact the following people depending on the language. Belgium Beer Week is organised by Idiots de la bière vzw. Tu es libre d'utiliser le texte du communiqué de presse, le logo et les photos.

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Ahmed ElAmin +32 475 937 194 (anglais)
Bas Boiy +32 488 050 003 (français, anglais et néerlandais)
Dieter Proost +32 494 11 12 22 (English & Dutch)

Belgium Beer Week 2024 kicks off 26 August - 1 September

Meeting new and old friends and taking in the best of beer culture is on tap during Belgium Beer Week, which is held across Belgium and the world from 26 August- 1 September.

Les visiteurs peuvent boire dans l'ambiance, car les bars, les brasseurs, les boutiques de bière, les experts en bière et les guides proposent plus de 150 événements innovants au cours de la semaine, notamment des accords alimentaires, des reprises de robinets et de bars, des visites de brasseries, des collaborations, des dégustations à l'aveugle, des musées de la bière, des discussions sur la bière, des partages de bouteilles et d'autres événements.

Belgium Beer Week is hosted by participating venues and event organisers, who list the events on our calender and on social media. Visitors to the venues and events can explore and discover the old and the new, whether it is the latest craft bar,  traditional brown bar or brewery. 

Last year Belgium Beer Week was nominated for the Visit Brussels Awards in the co-creation category.

The fifth edition of Belgium Beer Week also features beer museums across the country as part of the cultural experience. Beer experts and guides will also provide talks on Belgium’s beer history and the emerging field of beer archaeology, which traces the roots of beer making.

Ahmed ElAmin, Bas Boiy and Dieter Proost, the organisers of Belgium Beer Week, said this fifth edition highlights the rich history and culture of beer in Belgium.

“It’s always a wonderful surprise to see the types of innovative events that  participants deliver for Belgium Beer Week,” said ElAmin. “For the 2024 edition, we are going bigger and even better by expanding to more places in Belgium and across the world.”

Il a ajouté : "La culture de la bière belge est reconnue par l'UNESCO comme un patrimoine culturel immatériel de l'humanité. Cette année, nous sommes impatients de proposer une incroyable série d'événements mettant en valeur cette culture incroyablement riche et la rendant plus tangible pour les visiteurs."

How it works: Belgium Beer Week is supported by Beer Idiots vzw, a non-profit that publishes news and information on beer culture ( There are no tickets for Belgium Beer Week, although participants may charge a fee for some events, such as food and beer pairings. Belgium Beer Week is free to all participating venues and organisations in Belgium and around the world.

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