Add my event (as registered venue)

About Belgium Beer Week

To add your event(s) in the Belgium Beer Week agenda you first need to subscribe your venue/organization. Register here.

Option one

You made an event on Facebook where Belgium Beer Week is co-organizer on Facebook. Just send us the Facebook event URL and after validation, we will automatically import your event into the BBW calendar.

Option two

You don’t use Facebook or don’t have an event on Facebook. Ok no problem! Fill in this form and after validation the event will be shown on the BBW calendar.

We applaud the 61 participants who supported the week and invested their time in hosting around 160 fantastic events throughout the land.

Thank you also to those who went to the venues and discovered new drinking spots, new activities, and added to their knowledge of Belgium’s beer culture.

We hope to see you next year for the 3rd edition of Belgium Beer Week on 22-28 August 2022!

The Belgium Beer Week team.