A showcase for Belgian Beer Culture

Whether you are a craft beer bar, brewer, bottle shop, beer club, event organiser or a traditional brown bar, be bold and join us as we believe that the more the merrier it will be for people who want to reclaim the Belgian beer experience. Belgium Beer Week provides an opportunity for you to spotlight your venue, events and services during seven days of fun and attract beer lovers by creating a unique experience. 

Food pairings, tap takeovers, cultural collabs, blind tastings, bottle shares, brunches and other events made Belgium Beer Week’s first edition a huge success in 2020. This year we are counting on you to launch more innovative events. It will be even better as we promote the comeback for Belgian beer culture in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liege, Bruges, Namur, Leuven and other cities across Belgium.

In general, many activities are free to attend, but it is possible to charge money. Just be really transparent so beer lovers will not be surprised.

Get in on the action

Register your venue at https://belgiumbeerweek.be/add-venue/ to join.  It’s only €20. Add at least three events on registration or later.  You will receive a confirmation email and an invoice. 

We will take care of the general campaign, but you are still responsible for promoting your own business and events. The more information you give us about your business and the activities you organise, the more we can promote them. We give no preference to any one event.

We encourage you to promote your events on Facebook: just mention Belgium Beer Week as your co-organiser to ensure it appears on the Belgium Beer Week Facebook promotion page.

July 1 –  FINAL DATE venue registration
Last chance to get publicity on our print materials (don’t worry we will still promote your events online!).

Start the presses – posters and other printed materials 

August 1last call to REGISTER for Belgium Beer Week 
…as we have a lot to do before the event!

After this date we cannot guarantee publication of your events or any changes

What we do for you

  • Promote all participants on the website www.Belgiumbeerweek.be
  • List your business and each of your events online with your text, photos and logo. Each event will have its own page which you can personalise yourself with text and images. 
  • Display your activities on the online calendar for visitors to plan their visits. 
  • Display your events on the Belgium Beer Week home page in a rotation, so everyone gets promoted
  • Launch a promotional campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Provide you with posters and pamphlets to display, which we will also distribute to tourist offices and other places around Belgium
  • Provide you with Belgium Beer Week goodies to give customers free of charge. 
  • Promote the event in multiple press outlets in all languages and on the Beer Idiots website: idiots.beer

All the money we collect will go towards promoting your activities. We are a non-profit run by 4 beer lovers and supported by Beer Idiots vzw (www.idiots.beer).


Number of activities
When you enrol, you commit to organising at least three activities. We will take care of the general campaign but you are still responsible for promoting your own business and events. The more information you give us about your business and the activities you are going to organise, the more we can promote these activities. We give no preference to any one business.

Covid precautions
Should official government measures affect Belgium Beer Week before it is scheduled and result in Belgium Beer Week being postponed then you will be able to cancel your enrolment, at which point your enrolment fee will be refunded. It is your own responsibility to comply with all COVID measures required by the Belgian government. 

Enrolment Fee
Your enrolment will only be valid once a fee of €20 has been deposited to the Beer Idiots vzw account. An invoice will be provided. This a one-time fee only and covers the cost of promoting the event. Any money left over will be used to fund the next edition of Belgium Beer Week.

Belgium Beer Week organisers and the Beer Idiots cannot be held responsible for any incidents occurring on your premises or for damages.

We applaud the 61 participants who supported the week and invested their time in hosting around 160 fantastic events throughout the land.

Thank you also to those who went to the venues and discovered new drinking spots, new activities, and added to their knowledge of Belgium’s beer culture.

We hope to see you next year for the 3rd edition of Belgium Beer Week on 22-28 August 2022!

The Belgium Beer Week team.