Belgium Beer Week special in Mostly Water @HongKong

Mostly Water 122D Nga Tsin Wai Rd, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

For purchase 1) 10% off for any Belgium Beers purchase upon HK$100 2) 20% off for the purchase of any Belgium Beers with any of the selected Beers

Lambiek & flanders red ales @Gdańsk

Labeerynt Craft Beer Pub Szeroka 97, Gdańsk, pomeranian voivodeship, Poland

Belgium Beer Week in Gdańsk! Lots of Belgian beer on taps and in bottles throughout the week. This year's edition will be dominated by lambiek and flanders red ales

Belgium Beer Week at TripelB!

TripelB Belgian Beer Cafés 9 Copenhagen St,, Worcester, England, United Kingdom

It's Belgium Beer Week! BBW is an annual showcase for Belgian Beer Culture. Over the course of this week (22-28 August), bars internationally are celebrating with a wealth of events …

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Taco & beer Tuesday @Antwerp

Station 1280 Oudaan 15, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium

Join us for Taco Tuesday with our friends from SoCal Tacos. Pair Mexican Street Food with craft beer, mixed fermentation, ciders and natural wine. Hope to see you!

Chouffe beer party @Chester

The Cavern of the Curious Gnome above Paysan, 61 Bridge, St, Chester, England, United Kingdom

Chouffe party with lots of Chouffe beer, gnomes à gogo and Chouffey stuff everywhere

Enso Belgium Beer Week 2022 Special 2 @Hong Kong

Enso Dolford Mansion, Shop D&E G/F, 1-3, Chatham Ct, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

比咩我飲? 比嘢我飲 ! ***ROUND 1*** 下星期就係 Belgium Beer Week 2022, 比利時啤酒 - 大家會叫佢地做 "比嘢", 係比利時其中一樣最出名嘅嘢,而且佢亦都令到好多香港嘅朋友入坑愛上左飲 Craft Beer。所以今次我地點要為大家推廣一下比利時啤酒喇! 首先,嚟緊星期一 22/8 至 星期日 28/8, 成個禮拜任何時間嗌 On Tap / Can / Bottle "比嘢" …

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Secret Bottle Belgium Beer Week 2022 Special @Hong Kong

Secret Bottle Fung Kam St, 22 號金龍樓地下3B鋪, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

嚟緊呢個星期(22-29/8)係比利時啤酒week 🍻🍻🍻!於優惠期限購買任何比利時啤酒即享95折優惠!😍😍 Btw, 佢哋嚟咗Secret Bottle咁耐,都冇張比嘢大合照😎~嚟返張先! 〰️ ⚠️如有任何爭議,秘麥(Secret Bottle)保留最終決定權。 ⚠️In case of any disputes, Secret Bottle reserves the right of final decision. 〰️ 門市地址:元朗鳳琴街22號金龍樓地下3B鋪 Address:Flat 3B, G/F, Kam Lung Mansion, Fung …

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Second Draft Belgium Beer Week 2022 Special @Hong Kong

Second Draft 9 Kingston Street,, G/F, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

鍾意比利時啤酒嘅你,點可以錯過Belgium Beer Week呢個盛事啊!除咗Second Draft同TAP會參與今次活動之外,今日8月22日起至28日,三款少爺嘅比利時風格啤酒都響網店做緊優惠!立刻去少爺網店選購一番之餘,一齊推廣一下比利時啤酒文化啦😍 Belgium Beer Week in 🇭🇰 To celebrate Belgium’s rich beer culture, our bars, Second Draft and TAP will be joining the bandwagon along with 11 bars …

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Bitter release! Drogenbos X Gist @Brussels

Gist Pl. de la Vieille Halle aux Blés 30, Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Release the bitter! For the release of their new bitter, Drogenbos is coming at the Gist, fresh cask incoming! #BBW22

Belgian Beer Night @Dafen

Beer Park Llanelli Dafen Trade Park, Dafen, Llanelli, United Kingdom

Come along and sample seven great Belgian beers, chat about the styles, the breweries and find the beers you love.  Hosted in our beautiful bottle shop and tasting r0om only …

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Beer, Wine & Spirit discount day

Beer, Wine & Spirit 14 Rue de l'Artisanat,, Namur, Namur, Belgium

To celebrate the last days of the Belgium Beer Week, the beershop Beer, Wine & Spirit in Namur offers discount on foreign beers. We need you to empty the shelves!


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